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Prawo Biota-Savarta - Stanowisko Edukacyjne
typ: EXP400040; zapytanie o cenę

Prawo Biota-Savarta – prawo stosowane w elektromagnetyzmie i dynamice płynów. Pozwala określić w dowolnym punkcie przestrzeni indukcję pola magnetycznego, której źródłem jest element przewodnika, przez który płynie prąd elektryczny. Oryginalna wersja została sformułowana dla pola magnetycznego.

Prawo Biota-Savarta - Stanowisko Edukacyjne, typ: EXP400040
Opis Stanowiska:
The 3-axis digital teslameter means you can now acquire the magnetic field easily. The software allows you to retrieve the field values directly on your computer, thus helping you produce your hands-on exercise reports faster. In this experiment pack, we propose a study of the Biot-Savart law via two major classics, namely the Helmholtz coil and the solenoid coil.
                                             Prawo Biota-Savarta - Stanowisko Edukacyjne, typ: EXP400040

A solenoid coil is a device consisting of an electric wire regularly wound spirally to form a long coil. With its current flow, it produces a magnetic field in its vicinity and particularly within the spiral where this field is virtually uniform. The advantage of the solenoid coil is its uniformity. However, there are also drawbacks : it takes up more space than Helmholtz coils and cannot generate a high magnetic field without costly equipment and a cooling system.

BIOT AND SAVART- HELMOTZ COILPrawo Biota-Savarta - Stanowisko Edukacyjne, typ: EXP400040
Helmholtz coils are a device consisting of two circular coils of the same radius, parallel, and placed opposite one another at a distance equal to their radius. Circulation of an electric current in these coils creates a magnetic field in their vicinity, which has the feature of being particularly uniform in the centre of the device in a smaller volume than the actual coils. This coil type is frequently used in physics to create relatively low quasi-uniform magnetic fields with little equipment. It can, for example, be used to eliminate the earth’s magnetic field to prevent it disrupting an experiment. Helmholtz coils can be modelled by two combinations of n turns through which the same current I flows, with the same radii R, and separated by a distance R.

  • Biot-Savart law
  • Solenoid coil
  • Magnetic field
  • Induction
  • Magnetic flux density

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